Lejdi Prifti

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Lejdi Prifti
Software Engineer
Web3 Developer
ML Practitioner
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React & Angular
Machine Learning
Docker & Kubernetes
AWS & Cloud
Team Player
Time Management
  • Java, JavaScript, Python
  • AWS, Kubernetes, Azure
  • Bootstrap, Materialize
  • Css, Sass, Less
  • Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity
  • React, React Native, Flutter
  • GIT knowledge
  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning

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My Services

Web Development

I can build user-friendly, attractive and innovative websites to best showcase the values of your business. It is not enough that users enjoy their time on the website; what really matters is that I want to turn those visitors into customers by means of the design and user experience.

Software Development

I have over 5 years of experience in the software development field, and I can create scalable, excellent software with user-friendly interfaces and solid backend systems to elevate your project to new heights. Moreover, I provide you with ongoing assistance for more than a year at little or no cost.

Cloud & Server Management

I can help you migrate to cloud services like AWS, GCP, or Azure, and I can guarantee a seamless transition. I'll provide you the best options after weighing the technical and financial factors. Because it's crucial that you only pay for what you actually receive. I am always available to help you with any issues that may arise.


Fiverr - Italy

I had a fantastic experience with this seller! They were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to assist me. I highly recommend his service.

Fiverr - United Kingdom

Lejdi is an awesome programming tutor. He helped me start to find my footing with Typescript, and shared some useful resources, tailored to suit my needs. He's also very well spoken and easy to understand. Thanks for the help Lejdi!

Fiverr - United States
Delivered faster than initially quoted. Very fast and responsive in communications. Fixed the small issues to guarantee the code worked.
Class Coach
Class Coach
Fiverr - Australia

I only give Lejdi the almost impossible SQL tasks that require next level coding skills. every single time amazes me with the professional results + he does not stop until it works! seriously the best person I have used on fiver.

Sameer Sakaria
Sameer Sakaria
Fiverr - United States

Great communication and always reaching my learning goals that we set before class!! know's what he is talking about with backing with great examples.

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